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PDF price list 

The prices given below are approximate. The price can be reduced by 5-10% i.e. a discount can be made for translation or it can increased. Actually, the translation price is influenced by many factors such as: 

-   target language

- specific character of text, which sometimes requires from the translator special knowledge in such spheres as medicine, pharmacy, jurisprudence, science and technologies, etc.,

-  volume of document to be translated or set of documents,

- deadlines set by the customer and urgency of translation.

Therefore, in order to determine the final translation price, we recommend our customers to apply to our operators HERE: at contact phone numbers or via personal computer (Skype, e-mail, etc.).

Our operators will provide you with the complete information, will tell you the final price and deadlines of your order.  

We offer bonuses to our customers upon making a written agreement for translation services.   

A standard document or a text page (1800 characters (including spaces)) is conventionally considered as a translation unit.

The price is set for a translation in the normal course of work (6-8 hours, pages/day or 5-10 documents/day).